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Computer Services

Custom Computers

We use only top quality components—Intel®, MSI®, ATI®, Seagate®, Creative Labs®, just to name a few—so that your computer reflects the best in quality, stability, performance, and upgradability.

Our computers are custom designed for your needs, whatever they may be, from the highest performing gaming systems available, to the most economical systems for web surfing and email.


Unlike doctors and most PC repair shops, we make house calls! The basic charge for a service call is $55.00. If we need to take your PC into the shop, the balance of that first hour is credited against any work that needs to be done. Of course we will always advise you of repair charges before proceeding. We will also advise you if a repair simply does not make sense. After all, it is sometimes not economical to spend money fixing an older PC, when an upgrade or a new PC will provide more performance and satisfaction for about the same money. Our rate of $55.00 an hour is one of the lowest around, and applies whether we work on your PC in your home or in our shop.


Sometimes upgrading an older slower PC is the most economical way to stretch that machine’s useful life. For example, we can upgrade an E-machine for less than it would cost for a new PC. The upgrade can more than double its performance and make your E-machine run like a new computer for much less money.


Many households today have more than one computer and need to share high-speed internet connections, printers, or data. We can help with wired or wireless routers, network cards, Cat-5 wiring, and configuration to secure your network and firewall.

Virus Removal & Prevention

Many computer manufacturers will not support trojan, virus, and spyware removal from your computer. Anti-virus programs will sometimes cure these problems, but not always. Many times complete removal of malicious programs from your computer is a complicated process. Rather than wipe your PC clean and start over, as many computer companies recommend, we can often clean out the offending programs and restore your computer to full operation without destroying any of your data or losing your settings.

We also secure your PC against future infections, and teach you valuable tips that allow you to surf the web with greater security and confidence.

Windows & Linux

We are experienced in installing, configuring, and repairing both Windows and Linux operating systems. We have been working with Windows since version 2.x, and we have been working with Linux since Red Hat version 5.1. We are not biased for or against either operating system, and will recommend the solution that is best for your desired goals.


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