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Web Site Development

Web Site Development

We can design your web site to be:

  • Great looking
  • Fast loading
  • Search engine friendly

The solution we choose depends greatly on your needs, as the customer. We might implement your site in straight HTML with CSS for styling, graphics for sizzle, and some JavaScript to make the site “come alive” and be more responsive to users.

To take things a step further, we may implement some third-party web applications, such as a message board, chat room, trouble ticketing system, photo gallery, and so forth.

If you need to update your content frequently, we can set you up with a content management system, from simple edit-in-place systems that let you edit your pages directly, to full-functioning content management systems that can handle multiple users, multiple permission levels, and sophisticated “back-end” editing tools.

We can also provide any custom web programming you may require, from simple application integration, to a complete custom web application.

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bullet Graphic Design

Graphic design is the second most important element of your web site. Besides good content, it creates the overall appearance of your site. It must be pleasing to look at, present all the navigational elements clearly, and most important, it must not interfere with the content!

bullet CSS bullet PHP bullet Database

We make extensive use of the latest CSS3 and HTML5 technologies to design your site. Cascading Style Sheets allow for more fine-grained control of the web elements in your site, and create a more unified look, which can be easily changed by editing one or two files.

PHP is the open source solution for creating dynamic web sites–sites which provide your visitors with exactly the content they want to see. Coupled with an on line database, you can show your visitors the inventory items they want, chat with them in real time, and provide up-to-date content without having to edit HTML pages yourself.

bullet Examples

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Premium Pool Renovations

Adrian Ray

The Diamond Bank

Sanders Misfits

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