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System Support Services

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Depot Repair and Exchange Services

SYSTEM SUPPORT SERVICES provides Depot Repair and Exchange services. There are many advantages to having your modules repaired by us rather than doing it in-house. A few of these are:

  • More thorough testing

We test all products thoroughly, to the original COMPUTROL specs, and often using the same equipment that COMPUTROL used.

  • Latest Updates

We have made many improvements and updates to the original COMPUTROL products. These updates improve not only reliability but system performance as well. Getting these updates installed on your modules ensures a reliable, smooth-running system.

  • Cost Savings

It can be considerably cheaper to have your modules repaired and tested by us rather than trying to do it in house. We have the parts, the automated testers, the documentation, and the skill and experience to repair your equipment quickly and properly. Our repair charges are flat-rate, which means you always know what your repair costs are going to be, whether the module has a flaky DIP switch or has been severely lightning-damaged.

  • Access to Telephone Support

All our customers have access to free telephone support. This resource can be invaluable when a perplexing system problem surfaces.

Depot Repair

SYSTEM SUPPORT SERVICES offers depot repair of all our products. Simply call us for Return Authorization, return the product to us with your purchase order, and we will repair, test, burn-in, and retest the product, and return ship it to you, usually within twenty working days.

Priority Exchange

If you need faster service, we can offer a priority exchange on many modules (call for availability). Just call us for authorization, and return the defective unit to us with your purchase order, and we will ship your replacement within twenty-four hours via overnight delivery.

For prices and turnaround on depot repair or exchange services, call, FAX, or E-mail us for a quote. Current prices can be found on our Products pages.

Other terms and conditions apply to depot repair and exchange services.

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