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System Support Services

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Megalink Products

Megalinks are proprietary networking cards that plug directly into the backplanes of various computer types and provide high speed, DMA transfers of data between the connected computer systems.

These products found applications prior to the arrival of Ethernet connectivity for all types of computers. They allowed computers of different hardware platforms and operating systems to communicate at high speed over coaxial cable and twisted pair networks.

Applications included connecting IC test equipment to a host PDP-11, interconnecting data monitoring sites on a mile-long linear particle accelerator, and interconnecting riveting machines on automotive assembly lines.

SYSTEM SUPPORT SERVICES supports Megalink™ products for UNIBUS and Q-Bus platforms. Megalinks use our standard modems, and will operate on coaxial or twisted pair media. They will also operate with the MA-5 Repeater Converter. See the Modem and Repeater Products page for information on our modem offerings.

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