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Our replacement power supply has been released. Details...

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New Products

SYSTEM SUPPORT SERVICES is constantly striving to improve our product line in an effort to inrease performance, improve reliability, fight obsolescence, and lower plant maintenance costs.

Power Supply

A replacement for the Electrostatics Model 302 Power Supply is available.

The price is $1,275.00 plus shipping.

This unit, part number 10-0020, is form, fit, and functionally compatible with the Model 302. It utilizes a modern switching power supply assembly, installed in the original Electrostatics supply frame. This keeps the mounting, wiring, and space requirements identical to the original unit.

In most cases, an Engineering Equivalency Evaluation for the replacement part is all that is required to certify the new supply for use in your system.

This supply is compatible with single- and dual-supply systems.

The new supply eliminates many problems with the aging Electrostatics units, including the failure of the adjustment potentiometers, and the failure of the electrolytic capacitors due to age.

pdf.gif Functional Specification

pdf.gif Appendix A

pdf.gif Appendix B


Our replacement Coaxial Switch is available. The part number is 40-0077.

The price is $560.00 plus shipping.

The new switch uses miniature electromechanical relays instead of reed relays. These relays don't stick, and therefore we no longer recommend periodic replacement and refurbishment as we did with the old switch. In addition, we have incorporated an improved surge protection circuit that has a lower insertion resistance on the stub (the short cable between the relays and the modem connection.)

A full functional specification is available on line in PDF format. The new product is the complete form/fit/functional equivalent of the original part number 30-0069-1.

pdf.gif Functional Specification

Call or email for details on either of these items.


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