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11046 State Road 52, Hudson, FL 34669 (727) 243-3656

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Our replacement power supply has been released. Details...

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Here's What's New

This is a list of major policy changes and web site updates. New product announcements, product updates, and additions to our on line documentation library are some of the highlights we will post here.


  • Our web site has been redesigned, with the goals of easier navigation and a more uniform look.

    Please note: Opera version 8.5x is known to have issues rendering our site properly. Please upgrade to Opera version 9.0b or later, or use Firefox or IE.


  • Due to increased costs, we have found it necessary to increase prices once again. An increase of approximately 10% will take effect on all new orders placed after January 10, 2006.


  • Our replacement Power Supply Assembly, Part Number 10-0020, has been released. More details can be found on our New Products page.


  • Our address has changed again. the New address and phone information is as follows:

    11046 State Road 52
    Hudson, FL 34669

    tel:  (727) 379-0484
    fax:  (727) 379-0831
    cell:  (727) 243-3656


  • As of July 1, 2000, all product, exchanges and repairs will be shipped via Federal Express. Urgent repairs and exchanges will be shipped via FedEx's Priority Overnight service. Non-urgent repairs and new product shipments will be shipped via FedEx Express Saver service. Any other arrangements MUST be made when the order is placed.
  • Because the COMPUTROL multiplexer products are over 10 years old, it has become necessary to replace all shelf-life-sensitive components during standard repair cycles. This means that ALL aluminum electrolytic and tantalum capacitors, and ALL switches, will be replaced on every repair we process after July 1, 2000.
  • As of July 1, 2000, we will be increasing all repair prices and refurbishment prices by approximately 10 percent. This is the first price increase we have had since taking over support of the COMPUTROL product lines in 1993. Reasons for the increase are:
  • Increased overhead
  • Increased labor and parts costs for standard repairs


  • Our new replacement Coaxial Switch, Part Number 40-0077, has been released. See our New Products page for details.


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